|| WORLDWIDE SHIPPING || Turnaround 3 weeks ||
|| WORLDWIDE SHIPPING || Turnaround 3 weeks ||
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FAQ & Leather

How do I choose the right size?

See our dedicated sizing instructions here.


Leather Colours

We offer the below colours at this time. We are starting to work with white! Contact us if you want something different.


Can the collars in stock be adjusted?

Most collars can be lengthened or shortened by adding extra holes - just ask. We can also change out stones and gems for different colours.


I have a design in mind - can you make it? Or, can I make a change to an existing design?

This is what we do best! Contact Us with your ideas and we will provide a quote on your personalized collar.


I want a collar now!

The In Stock page has all the collars that are ready to be posted immediately, Check out the Custom Collars page for more options!



Brass is our gold option. Where possible, we will use stainless steel, however to keep your costs down, we use nickel plated brass.

Extra dee-rings

Having the extra, top-mounted dee-ring allows you to clip your leash to that point. The collar will remain the right way around, with the buckle at your dog's chin. The ultimate benefit is that your collar design will be shown off in all it's glory.


How do I care for my collar?

The leather is pre-treated, however it will get dirty from time to time – they’re dog collars. A wipe down with a damp rag will get most dirt off; or if it is dry, use a little leather conditioner gently rubbed in with a cotton rag.

Lighter coloured leathers will darken with age but how quickly is largely due to usage. Not allowing your dog to swim or play in mud in these collars is recommended but the occasional dip with a good wipe afterwards should be fine. Exposure to chlorinated and salt water is not advised.

Hardware can dull depending on the collar usage. My cattle dog has worn hers hard - in all types of water, through all manner of bushes/shrubs/trees and rolled all over it. I find a little metal polish brings back the shine and removes faint scratches.


How long will my Custom order take to make?

Check the turnaround time on the home page, top left corner! This time frame represents the time between your order being lodged and the gear being finished. It does not include posting time frames. We will advise longer turnarounds where necessary, for instance in the case your order contains custom items or features.


Shipping Information

Within Australia
- Flat rate of $15
- Includes tracking, packing & insurance

To New Zealand
- Flat rate of $40
- Includes tracking, packing & insurance

- Flat rate of $40
- Includes tracking, packing & insurance