My Values

Maintain a clear purpose - This is my Mission Statement: 

Collar & Ruff is for owners who are serious about their dogs and what they wear. My aim is to dress the dogs of the world in functional, classic dog gear; every piece custom made to my own high standards. I am a client-collaborative business that designs with your dog's personality in mind - DOGS are LIFE!

Treat everyone and everydog with respect - It pays to be pleasant & courteous in all dealings and that includes our furry friends.

Outperform in quality & service - Being the first and foremost customization leather dog collar maker in Australia means I set the standard and strive to maintain a high level.

Be creative and resourceful - I will continue to offer new and exciting designs along with acceptable solutions for every customer.

Enjoy the journey - In a dog world full of opinions, I aim to keep it light and politics-free; having fun on social media and connecting with like-minded souls.

Think Big! - Collar & Ruff is a small business but dreams BIG, there is no ceiling on what I can achieve.

Collar & Ruff Dancer Collar