About Us

Hi! I love my dog and much like you, I only want the best for her. I searched high and low for a durable leather collar that had to tick all the boxes: I needed to like it, it had to be hard-wearing and it needed to suit her personality. I don't ask much!

After hours of Googling, I couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided I'd try to make my own. I bought terrible leather, cheap studs and even cheaper decorations, all to learn the mysterious ways of leatherworking. I made a lot of errors, spent a lot of money and figured things out as I went. My first collar wasn't great...

I experimented further and found sources for top quality leathers and components. I finally made my first proper collar and wanted to make more! I wanted to make great collars for great dogs.

And now I make collars for your dogs to compliment their special selves.

Each collar is completely hand made. The leather is measured, cut and punched; edges are bevelled, slicked and dyed. The piece is treated then it's ready for decoration and hardware.

I'm proud to be Australia's very first custom leather dog gear business.

I love nothing more than sitting at my workbench, creating a design that somebody will love to see their dog wear for years. I treat every collar as though it were going onto my own dogs.

When I am not sitting at my workbench, ShopDog, ShopPup, my partner and I love to be active. We participate in agility, DockDogs, herding and obedience, but our favourite thing to do together is hiking. Maybe we'll see you out there sometime!