How To Measure Your Dog

Measure before ordering - Collar & Ruff is not liable for re-makes or returns due to incorrectly provided measurements. Contact me if you need assistance.

Extra Small 15-24.5cm        Small 25-34.5cm        Medium 35-44.5cm        Large 45-54.5cm        Extra Large 55-65cm

Flat Collars - Take a measuring tape and measure around the neck where the collar usually sits. Don't measure too high or too low on the neck.
Allow a couple of fingers to fit beneath the measuring tape. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string, and contact me if you're unsure about your pet's size as alterations will incur charges.
In the image, ShopDog wears a 40cm collar, which is a medium in both my leather and Biothane ranges:

Alternatively, measure an existing collar from the fold of leather at the buckle, to the most used hole. I will always make your collar fit at the middle hole unless otherwise specified. You will have 2 holes to go tighter and two holes to go looser.

Below, the measuring tape isn't perfectly aligned with the fold (I will fix the photo soon) and the most worn hole is the centre hole:


Martingale/Chain, ID & Slip Collars - To correctly fit your dog, I need two measurements.
1. Measure your dog across the broadest part of the skull (see image below). This is the largest we will allow the collar to open, allowing you to slip it on and off easily.
2. Please also provide the neck measurement (see images above)


ID Collars - These collars are designed to sit a little lower than regular collars. Measure your dog's skull and neck as shown above.
Using these two measurements you will be able to select the right size ID collar. Make sure the size you select is big enough that you can slip it over their head.