Lifetime Repairs & Warranty

What’s Covered

1. Replacement gems, studs and stones can be supplied, send me a photo of the damage and we can work from there.
2. Some parts of the collars and leads are able to be fixed. If this is accepted by Collar & Ruff, we will require postage at your cost back to our store for repair and we will post back. Please do not post back items without first contacting myself.

What’s Not Covered

1. Collars, leashes and harnesses that show wear attributed to exposure to water, chewing, tugging and abrasive surfaces.
2.If you have supplied incorrect measurements.

Whilst my products are stress-tested and durable, they are not recommended as a sole tying point for extended periods.
Nothing dog related is safe from damage or normal wear and tear over time. As such, normal wear and tear is not covered but you can send your gear back to me for a Collar & Ruff Refresh.
Collar & Ruff is not liable for any damages due to misuse or otherwise. You are liable for determining suitability of gear for your pets.

Measurements - Every collar, leash, equine and other products are custom made so with the amount of time and materials that go into each piece, items are non-refundable. Correct sizing is incredibly important for this reason. Collar & Ruff is not liable for incorrect sizing (length and/or width) and you should refer to the sizing guide on the website before ordering. Talk to me before ordering if you're not sure.

If you have not provided the correct measurement for your dog, you are liable for the return of the item and any further costs to remake new gear in the right size or the cost of alterations to the existing gear if Collar & Ruff deem this possible. I commit to providing the most cost effective method.

Rush Orders - If you need it sooner than current 4 week turnaround, rush orders are available for a flat fee of $50 and this brings your build to the front of the queue. Let me know what date you need your collar by to help me make it happen. Find the Rush My Order option here.

Cancellations - Cancellations of orders must be within 24 hours of placing the order.

Sale Items - Sale, auction and giveaway items are not subject to return or refunds.

Brand Reps/Social Media - I get a lot of requests for free stuff in exchange for exposure and while I appreciate every pitch, it takes time and money for me to produce my handmade gear so I can't just give it out. I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook and keep an eye out for when I search for Brand Reps.

I love to share images (with credit!). If you do not want me to re-post an image of your dog wearing their C&R gear, let me know.

Accepted payment methods

Online: PayPal, Credit Card, Afterpay, Bank Transfer
Markets & Events: Cash, Credit Card, Paypal

All prices listed are in Australian Dollars.