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Here in Australia, things have been heating up for a while now (except for a couple of freak storms in our country’s East) and with the soaring temps comes added responsibility to keep your pets cool and safe.

Much like you, dogs can regulate their temperature to a certain extent. Physiological and behavioural adaptions such as panting, lying on cool ground, drinking and sticking their heads out of car windows to catch a breeze all help a dog stay cool.

If it is really hot, we need to be super responsible for our pup’s health and give them a helping hand.

Here are some other ways you can help pup through a hot day:
• Access to multiple bowls of fresh water (make sure one is always in the shade)
• Access to shade and cool ground
• Avoid exercising during the heat of the day
• Invest in some booties if they have to walk on hot ground and cooling mat
• Fill up a clam shell pool for them to sit in
• Forget about the suburban stroll and hit the beach or river

And our favourite – let them help water the garden in the evening with the hose! (may result in wet dog cuddles)

There's nothing more loving than a wet dog!


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