Autumn Dog Blog 2018

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Leaves are falling, temps are dropping, mornings are getting chilly – it’s perfect weather for morning hikes! Actually, it’s perfect weather in general because now you can play with your pooch at any time of the day without too much worry of getting overheated or too cold.

At this time of year, we’re thinking about heading to dog-friendly pubs with outdoor fires, cosy decks and hearty meals. Cuddle up with pup and enjoy some chilly morning breakfasts and late weekend lunches with friends. Why not organise a multi-dog walk to a café and back, to burn off some energy?

If you’re a little more adventurous, autumn is a wonderful time of year to visit a river or beach. While it may be a touch cold to swim for some pups (and their humans!), most will rejoice in running around and then have a splash to cool off. Just remember to bring some towels to get them dry nice and quickly.

Check out our favourite site to choose your next autumn destination:


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