Winter Dog Blog 2018

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Fess up – who’s a winter baby? We love the cold, embrace the rain, trudge through the mud and relish in a hot cuppa while the heavens open. No cabin-fever here, just pure enjoyment at the wild weather.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the reaction a lot of dogs have to storms. Fearful of the cracking thunder, many seek refuge in small ‘den-like’ spaces, bathrooms and laundries, under desks or pacing around.
Some may even bolt, and not even the best recall can bring back a scared dog.

So, we give you our top tips for Surviving Winter with a Scaredy-Dog!

• Invest in a thunder shirt OR make your own (google it)
• Create a safe place for pup. Better still, crate train your dog so he has somewhere he already knows as a safe space
• Have some treats ready and play some low energy games as the storm rolls in
• Stay calm – your dog feeds off your energy
• Depending on your dog’s personality, either let them self-soothe and find their safe place or choose to let them stay close to you. You know your dog best, find out what works.
• If you have your dog out of the house with you and there is a chance of a storm, make sure you have your collar and lead handy. Tighten up the collar so they can’t slip out and find shelter from the rain!

If you have a pup that’s anxious about storms, make sure you know the forecast so you are prepared to help.

Thoughts? Comments? Funny stories? Send them in.


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