Spring Dog Blog 2018

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Shake off your gumboots, Spring is on the horizon! More time for walks, hikes, activities and maybe some beach trips. Lots of dog sports are coming back into season and in this blog we’d like to explain what they’re all about. Grab a coffee and read on…

AGILITY – Fast paced action including tunnels, jumps, walkways and weave poles, this is an obstacle course for dogs, directed by their human counterpart. Agility can be incredibly technical at the higher levels and enjoys national level competition across most countries.
Join a club to learn this sport and enjoy as a fun weekly training session or aim for loftier heights.

DOCKDOGS – Welcome to the SplashZone! DockDogs has grown from humble beginnings in America and now is a sport enjoyed across the globe. Three main elements consisting of Big Air (long jump), Speed Retrieve (fastest time) and Extreme Vertical (high jump) feature in this sport where you and your dog work as a ‘Team’. If your dog loves water, this is 100% the sport for you.

As a side note, DockDogs is an incredible opportunity for reactive dogs to take part in a dog sport safely. Strict rules about spacing and only ever having one dog on the dock means you can take part, too.

DISC DOGS – One of the most athletic sports to watch and gaining in popularity. The three main events in the sport are: Distance, looking for the longest catch, and mid-air catches score extra points. Freestyle is where the dogs twist and turn in the air, vying to catch the Frisbee in the most awesome way possible and Games is a great way to achieve titles and have some fun.

FLYBALL – Drag racing for dogs, teams of four dogs race each other over hurdles to release a ball at the end of the course, bounce off a board and race back. Winner takes all!

LURE COURSING – This is where a lot of sighthounds hang out and show off their incredible skills of speed. Following a lure, which is manually handled, watch your dog twist and turn, trying to catch the ‘prey’. This is a great sport for dogs as it allows them to use their hunting behaviours and wow spectators.
Any dog can partake in lure coursing and it is held in large open grounds.

TRACKING & SCENT WORK - Get your buddy's brain busy with sniffing activities such as these. Scent work can be done indoors and tracking is a sport where dogs are trialed. You can create your own 'scent work' games at home by hiding favourite toys or treats.

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