Happy 2019 Ruffies, we’re well into the swing of things and I’d like to start this year off by letting you know what’s been happening and what’s in store.

A lot of you are aware I added a new member to the family recently. Colt will be making cameos here and there. In the meantime, he is giving us a lot to deal with – both grief and friendship. (In actual fact, it’s taking me 25 minutes to write this much because I keep getting interrupted!)
Colt will be a show dog, compete alongside ShopDog in DockDogs and when he is old enough, we will do agility and possibly endurance. I think he’d enjoy lure coursing, too, so we’ll have a crack at that also.
ShopDog's been amazing, in fact she has given Colt quite a long leash and displayed some incredible patience. Pretty sure I would’ve told him off far sooner than she did. Snaps for ShopDog!

This year, as one of my goals to be both more organised and more interactive, expect to see more regular content on my socials and more posts designed to engage you all such as polls, Ask A Maker questions PLUS I’m going to be wanting to know what you want to see from Collar & Ruff. All ideas and feedback are welcomed to help me develop my craft into styles and designs you love.

I am likely to be attending only one market in the first half of the year as the one other event normally held in March, has been shifted to later in the year. That’s a real bummer as October is now saturated with dog events instead of having some scattered throughout the year.
Collar & Ruff’s first appearance of the year will be at PetFest 2019, to be held on April 14th. I can’t wait to see you there!


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