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Incredibly, we are entrusted with our adorable puppies from 8 weeks of age. They’re already running around, exploring, learning and sticking their noses into anything and everything.

It’s at this age we might like to start thinking about accessories such as collars and identification to protect our pups. Some pups may already be used to having a soft fabric collar on. Most breeders use a soft strap fastened with velcro which helps them identify pups from birth plus gives them exposure to wearing a collar.

I like to follow on with the idea of a starter collar for puppies. My advice is always to go with the lightest option to allow puppy the opportunity to learn that collars aren’t completely annoying!

For that reason, I stock lighter weight leather plus the soft Biothane in thinner widths as well as light weight hardware.

Questions I will ask when considering your new puppy collar:
1. How big were mum and dad (if known)
2. What breed/s is your pup?
3. Do you want the collar to grow with pup a bit?
4. Does pup have any skin issues or allergies?

Once we’ve discussed the above, we can narrow down what materials, widths and styles will best suit your puppy. Given the custom nature of my gear, I can add extra length to allow pup to grow into the collar for at least a few months. That is fairly typical of the bigger breeds, however some smaller breeds can get up to a year out of their first collar.

A lot of my collar decorations are light and can be added to a collar without creating too much bulk.

If you are planning a new pup soon, or are lucky enough to have one join your family and need advice or want to plan a collar, feel free to contact me.

I also offer discounts on Breeder Puppy Packs!



Collar & Ruff Puppy Collars

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  • Kathleen McQuade on

    I had huge success with your newborn collars then onto bigger ones at 6 weeks.
    With working dogs the pups chew collars and pull one another around.
    Your collars withstood the rigours of working pups and the ease of wiping collars with damp cloth to keep clean.
    One of the most practical collars out. When pups leave they go with there collar and matching lead.

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