Brass Hardware - Everything You Need & Want To Know!

Brass has been used for centuries for all kinds of objects including vessels, armour, jewelry and brooches. It has stood the test of time and remained relevant to this day and you’ll now find it in many everyday objects - and on my collars and leads!

Brass has a high end golden appearance. It will bend before it breaks, especially true when compared to pure zinc, however it is known as one of the harder metals. Plated brass holds better than other types of plating and it is generally a heavier metal.
As it is exposed to the elements, it develops a beautiful aged look.
Prices of brass items - like snaps, o-rings, d-rings and buckles - are typically more expensive due to the properties listed above.

Cool Fact
Its superpower is that it resists corrosion!

Lauren’s Tips
↬ If you prefer the newer brass look, giving it a clean with a soft cloth and gentle metal polisher will bring back its shine. Otherwise, let it live as nature intended and allow that stunning patina to age and show off its uniqueness.
↬ Routinely check your hardware for signs of damage.

I personally LOVE brass on my dog gear. It looks the goods and pairs beautifully with every leather colour imaginable, bringing a real quality feel to each piece.


New Brass


Aged Brass

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