Ten Years In The 'Making' - Part 3

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C&R Out & About

When I started my C&R journey, I went to many events. It was exhausting but I loved meeting all the dogs and their people. It was a huge buzz to have my work on display and get my name out into the Perth public.

Gradually I scaled back to the major events as my online presence increased. I wanted to remain in touch with the public, meet my customers and get hands-on with dogs and their needs, so I became selective with my event choices. There are several I support and advertise every year - I often received messages from other dog businesses who thought I was running these shows!

The ultimate benefit of attending Show is being able to talk to owners at each event. I made mental notes of pain points with their chain-store bought gear and was able to measure dogs on the day to create perfectly sized collars, harnesses and leads. It made me feel so good to work with my clientele (plus, I got so many puppy cuddles)

Check out some of my archival photos...

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