🎈 Celebrating 10 Years 🎈
🎈 Celebrating 10 Years 🎈
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Ten Years In The 'Making' - Part 2

Part 2 of the History of C&R brings me to K9 All Terrain.

K9AT is a business I started alongside C&R to focus on waterproof, vibrant PVC gear. I didn't want the high-end leather side of C&R to be impacted by what I viewed as a 'lessor' option. It became busy and less viable to have them as separate entities - so they were merged. I was supporting Leatherite which was the Aussie version of the popular BioThane. Leatherite closed their shop which saw the migration to BioThane for C&R.

Not So Fun Fact: The company I used to create the files for my K9AT logo did me dirty. The dog in the image is a photo of my Roxy (ShopDog). A short while later I saw another dog biz start selling items with my Roxy image, claiming it was her own dog. Fortunately I won that round and Roxy's image wasn't sold on and used again (as far as I know!)


I love trying new things, my mind works fast and has a billion ideas all the time. As you can see in this image, I dabbled in lacing kangaroo leather for show leads, decorating browbands for horses and even ran a tag-stamping side hustle for a short while. I liked the tags, but disliked the jarring through my hands and loud banging it required.

Collar & Ruff History 1


With BioThane taking off into the stratosphere, I started testing all sorts of ideas - hot stamping it, painting it, paint stamping with leather tools, hand painting with brushes and testing all kinds of vinyl and HTV.

There is no better way to learn and be creative than to give things a go yourself.

Collar & Ruff History 2


I really think I've touched on a lot of options and ideas in the 10 years of C&R. I've hand-cut raw brass to create nameplates, learnt how to stitch leather and BioThane. I've printed, reprinted, added studs and gems. Layering, creating Collar Borders and matching gear has blown the website into the beast it is with as many options as possible to try fine tune your orders.

Collar & Ruff History 3

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