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1. Dogs don’t sweat like humans. They expel heat through glands in their paws, by panting and via convection (a fancy word explaining why your dog sprawls out like a frog on a cool patch after they’ve been running around a lot)
2. Dogs can sniff and breathe at the same time. Have you seen that TikTok/Reels challenge about talking and breathing in at the same time? Kinda same. Except dogs CAN.
3. Dogs don’t feel guilt. They sense your tone and body language. Old mate dug the hole. He knows he dug it but he has no idea why you’re mad about 5 hours later when he’s living in a moment of happiness that you just got home to play with him. Chill.
4. Dogs can see a yellow -> blue spectrum. The black/white/grey was disproven after research on cone structures in their eyes. They have dichromatic vision! Think about this next time you’re choosing them a toy.
5. Their sense of smell is powerful, so powerful they can be trained to detect cancers and other diseases. They truly are amazing creatures.

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